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Just some random stuff that I will send in random times and its proberly going to be special ocasions, partys or even jokes that I like or hate. It does have other stuff too, but, you can geuse that, anyway, im trying to improve as much as possible each day so be patient.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Piggys! Yes I love piggys! There very cute and nice to eat (Unless youre a vegaterion) And why? Well piggys are great little fluff balls and there nice becose of these reasons...

1. Piggys are soft and furry.
2. Piggys are pink and tasty.
3. They are super cute at watching tv.

Well there not that famous though, there infamous infact and the onley reason piggys are loved is theres piglet from winie the poo. Piglets cute and IS actuly nice. Actually... Rephrase that! I just love Piggys! So does everyone else!